Why HTTPS better than HTTP .?

Why HTTPS better than HTTP .?

Reasons to prefer HTTPS to HTTP

HTTP messages are in unencrypted, thus unauthorized parties can readily access and read them over the internet. In contrast, HTTPS sends all data encrypted. When clients submit sensitive data, they may be confident that no third parties will intercept it across the network.

source : cloudflare.com
How does Cloudflare enable websites to adopt HTTPS? Cloudflare released Universal SSL in 2014 and was the first company to make SSL certificates free. Any website that is signed up for Cloudflare services can enable HTTPS and move away from HTTP with one click. This makes TLS encryption widely available, to protect users and user data all over the Internet.

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I would recommend you to choose "Cloudflare". Cloudflare's modern SSL improves webpage load times to provide a better visitor experience on your website.